KÜRmunity Talks: Women's History Month

KÜRmunity Talks: Women's History Month

Welcome to the KÜRmunity Talks Women's History Month series! Over the course of 7 enlightening episodes, we had the pleasure of sitting down with some inspiring women in our KÜRmunity. Let's take a look back at what we learned!


In the first episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Aseya Nasib, a body empowerment and self-love coach. She shared her insights on how mental health and body positivity are interconnected and how society can create a safe space for women to be themselves.


In Episode 2, we were joined by Liz Letsoalo, the founder of Masodi Organics. Liz shared her journey as a beauty wellness brand entrepreneur and discussed how society can better support women in business.


Emaan Abbas, the founder of KETISH and a brand consultant, was our guest for Episode 3. Emaan shared her inspiring journey towards redefining feminine wellness in the region and challenged social stigmas surrounding feminine and intimate health.

In Episode 4, Sarah Curtis and Zainab Imichi Alhassan, the co-founders of Pop Communications, shared their insights on friendship, running a business together, and navigating inclusivity in the industry.

Episode 5, Grace Marabe, the Managing Partner at LMG Consultants, joined us in Episode 5 to discuss women in leadership, strategies for achieving excellence, and overcoming barriers to resources for women entrepreneurs.

We also sat down with Sonal Haria, the CEO and founder of Canvas Cosmetics for Episode 6 of the series. Sonal shared her journey of creating an inclusive beauty brand that celebrates multiple skin tones and discussed the challenges faced by women, particularly women of color and those from underrepresented communities, in becoming entrepreneurs.

In the final episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with our founder, Jessica Usenbor, who shared her inspiring journey in bringing more inclusivity to the Middle East beauty industry. She discussed her motivation, the challenges she faced in balancing business and passion, and how she built an inclusive brand.

We hope you enjoyed this series as much as we did! It was an honor to sit down with such incredible women and hear their stories. Each episode was filled with insightful conversations and practical tips for personal and professional growth. Let's continue to support and uplift women in all industries, and remember to love and celebrate ourselves as we are. All the episodes can be found on our Instagram page.

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