THEKÜR is a distribution and marketing company committed to narrowing the gaps in the beauty industry across the Middle East.

We are on a mission to help inclusive and effective beauty brands enter the Middle East Market, establish a robust presence, enhance their reputation, and drive growth in both B2B and B2C sectors.

Our Services

Business Planning

We're your partners in navigating the Middle East business landscape, from in-depth research and strategic planning to seamless tactic execution and rigorous evaluation, we cater to every aspect of your business journey.


We're experts in connecting brands with their target audiences. We collaborate closely with retailers, and go beyond conventional approaches to optimize brand visibility through strategic communication channels.


We manage the complete range of commercial distribution and 3 PL operations, overseeing packaging, inventory management, order processing, logistics, communication and more to ensure seamless B2B transactions.


Utilizing our consumer, sales, and research database, we employ data-driven decision-making and trend analysis. This enables us to empower our clients by optimizing product stock to align with demand, ultimately enhancing their profitability.

Brand Development

Leveraging our understanding of the Middle East market and a dedication to delivering results, we empower our clients to elevate their brand positioning, leading to increased market share, reputation, and awareness.


Market Understanding

Navigate the Middle East market with confidence. Our team possesses in-depth market expertise, tailoring strategies for maximum impact in the region.

True Partnership

At THEKÜR, partnership isn't just transactional; it's a long-term commitment to your brand's success, creating a true partnership focused on mutual growth and prosperity.

Turnkey Services

We offer a holistic approach that covers everything from distribution to brand management, ensuring a cohesive and effective strategy.

Our Distribution Brands

Work With Us

We enjoy partnering with brands to offer our full range of services, spanning from distribution and 3PL services to brand management to business planning.

However, we also provide individualized options and allow you to build your own scope to precisely match your business needs.

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